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HeRA will be holding an open critique session for the July Program. Bring your manuscripts for feedback!


Claire Ashgrove has been contracted for her first Regency Historical Romance.


Published Author Dyann Love Barr wins the ConQuest Story in A Bag event at ConQuest44!


Published Author Tori St. Claire signs with Entangled Publishing for her first Brazen book.


Author Cathy Marlowe signs her first contract with a Romantic Suspense through Entangled Publishing.

Constructive Critique

A constructive critique is one of the most beneficial things an author can have in any stage of his or her writing. Gaining knowledge from folks who know what to look for, from authors who have learned the same lessons, and people who understand how scary it can be to let someone review a piece of writing, helps authors grow their craft.


But achieving this without feeling like you've just been held to a firing squad can be hard.


HeRA understands that need and works with our members to facilitate critique opportunities. Members may gather before or after meeting in small group settings. Our published authors are always willing to participate and are always available to offer advice.


Further we network with the other local chapters in the area, to help writers who share locales, subgenres, and critique needs form critique groups that meet more regularly. These small critique groups have gone on to form the lifeblood of many a published author's career.


Last but not least, we also hold open critique sessions periodically throughout the year where authors may bring their first chapter, share it with the group as a whole, and receive feedback from people they may not regularly work with. By doing so, new opinions can be gained and more importantly, new suggestions offered if a writer is seeking input.


If you're looking for a knowledgable partner, drop in and visit us. See if we fit your other authorial needs. We'd love to help you along your writing journey.

















Benefits of Membership


Critique Constructive Critique is one of the most valuable assets an author can have and HeRA facilitates these efforts.

Writing Bootcamp

Writer's Bootcamp As a member of HeRA all our Writer's Bootcamp classes are free of charge.

Annual Retreat

Annual Retreat Our Annual Fall Retreat allows members time to concentrate on writing, be that in workshop settings or simply time away to write.


Workshops Members enhance their Bootcamp Basics and further their craft with our monthly programs, guest speakers, and workshops.